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Strava club champs released

Nov 22nd 2016

I've always wanted to have a play about with Strava API to see what it can do, and Strava Club Segments Leaderboards is my first attempt. It's currently filtered on my local cycle club (CC London), but can be extended to support others. It monitors 8 segments (4 hills and 4 flats) and provides age-group, gender and time-period filtering by club, which is either difficult or impossible with the Strava app. I've also created an overall ranking for each member based on the best 6 segment positions. Strava Club Champs

LocalCycle recommendations put on ice

Oct 27th 2016

While it was interesting to play about with page and get it working I've now put it on ice. I may resurrect it one day, but until then I'll leave it here as some of the links are still quite useful.

LocalCycle recommendations page up and running

Jan 17th 2015

Pleased to finally got the LocalCycle recommendations page up and running. So far there are 64 links covering routes, rides, cafes, campaigning, promotion and more from across the UK. The objective is to try and bring together in one place all the great suggestions and recommendations that clubs, organisations and individuals create, but which otherwise require hunting down. At this stage its only possible to filter by country regions, but I plan to add more regions soon. Suggestions and links are always welcome via the contact page or twitter.

Site Redesign

Jan 2nd 2015

Updated the whole site to make it more responsive to mobile devices. All pages have been refreshed using the bootstrap responsive framework.

What Watt? Released

Dec 19th 2014

I'm a big wattbike fan, but went through the same dilemma as most people when trying to decide which model to buy. I'm a much stronger cyclist than my better half and was worried the trainer wouldn't have enough resistance. In the end we went for the trainer on the basis that the magnetic resistance should even things out. While this works fine, I was frustrated that there wasn't a published resistance table for the different magnetic resistance settings

Wattbike were very helpful and provided me the data, but it wasn't particularly easy to use in practice so I wrote this interactive table instead.

TCX HR Tweak Update

Dec 14th 2014

  • Added more help icons (thanks to Jose for the feedback!)
  • Added a 'no action' option. Useful for zooming or panning to avoid unexpected edits
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the map being drawn

TCX HR Tweak Released

Nov 23rd 2014

Finally got round to deploying the new LocalCycle web site and TCX HR Tweak. The tool is still beta and has problems working in IE, but works fine in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Please give it a go and give me constructive feedback via the contact page.

Features include:

  • Visual editing of individual HR values
  • Draw a line between two points to linearly change all values in between
  • Remove all HR data from a file (handy for when you are borrowing some elses ride data)
  • Recalculates individual lap and overall averages
  • No app to download, this is all runs in the client browser

Known issues include:

  • Loading is very very very slow on IE
  • Download may result in the XML being displayed rather than downloaded on Safari (just save it)